Affordable, quality, ColdFusion 9 Website Hosting

Go West HostingColdFusion 9 hosting! w00t!

Okay, so I have definitely had my rant about my hosting experiences with Gearworx. It's time for a change.

Today I completed my transition from Gearworx to GoWest Hosting. It was easy and hassle free. A breeze really.

I first heard about GoWest via Twitter (@gowestweb). During one of my 140 character hosting rants I got a Tweet from Michael, the owner of GoWest, offering me his company's services. Skeptical at first; I have since been pleasantly surprised.

Michael and his company have been very responsive to my questions about their services and have done everything in their power to assist me in the transition. Whether via Twitter or email, any response from GoWest has been prompt and helpful - not once have I had that familiar feeling that the support staff member I'm talking to is either half asleep, hating his job/life, overworked or simply reading back a scripted response - GoWest seems to take the time and effort to make you feel like this is a personal experience, like you have a direct line to the people in the know. A contract where both parties have a responsibility to each other. Somewhat comforting for a change.

I chose the ColdFusion 9 Basic plan they have on offer for $19.95/month - which to me is very cheap considering what's on offer. I only need to handle a single domain (all projects can live under subdomains) and the basic package was enough to attract my attention. Aside from offering ColdFusion 9 hosting I have access to unlimited: subdomains, email and FTP accounts. PHP 5.x, ASP.NET, MySQL and SQL Server 2008 ... you can read the site for the rest :)

So, basically my point is, as far as hosting goes, things are looking good!

I uploaded my blog in no time via FTP, imported my blog database via SQL Server Managment Studio (Express) remotely in a matter of minutes and I'm liking the simplicity and responsiveness of the Parallels Helm Control Panel to manage it all.

In a few weeks I'll post another update to let anyone know who is interested how it's all going. Well done GoWest Hosting - it's encouraging to find a hosting company that has the developer in mind!

OH! Did I mention that I can't think of any restrictions they place on your ColdFusion account? ... That's right, your CF developing hands are not tied behind your back with those typical pesky or hidden restrictions Shared Hosting companies so often place on their accounts.

GoWest, young man.

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Affordable, quality, ColdFusion 9 Website Hosting



resume wrote on 03/13/11 6:40 PM

This is something that I definitely need to try out. I have been having problems with my current web hosting plan and I am really getting annoyed about it. I think it's high time that I explore other possibilities for web hosting and this just might work for me.

Steve wrote on 03/13/11 7:44 PM

@resume I'm still very happy with GoWest Hosting. All the best, I hope you find a package that works for you. :)
jogos online

jogos online wrote on 04/23/12 2:22 PM

Michael & his company have been very responsive to my questions about their services & have done everything in their power to assist me in the transition. Whether by Twitter or email

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